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Music has always been a part of Alisha Edwards life, her mother would sing to her and have dancing parties from the day she could walk. So it is no surprise that Alisha Edwards’ love for music festered into a love for dance. Since the day Alisha Edwards was one year old she knew the dance floor was where she wanted to be. Alisha will always remember being jealous of her sister for being able to dance while she was too young. From The first day Alisha stepped into Metuchen Dance studios class she knew that the excitement she felt for dance would never disappear. Alisha is an excellent student who never falters on her work. She continues to put her all into everything and leaves a part of her soul in every task she completes. Alisha strongly believes in leaving her mark on the world and continuing prospur. From the ages of seven to fifteen Alisha’s specialty was jazz and hip hop. She later found an interest in modern and after trying multiple styles of dance Alisha found that modern was her favorite style. Her creative skills never fail her and she continues to think out of the box. Alisha is known for her love of ripples and use of space; she continues to think of geometric shapes as a form of inspiration. During Alisha’s freshman year of high school she joined the school dance ensemble and from then on she found a new form of expression. Alisha learned that expression can come in the form of a breath or as simple as a stride. She had new experience in the dance ensemble and continued to grow from the many different styles and dancers around her. Alisha eventually worked herself up the ranks and by her senior year she became president of the dance ensemble. Alisha now has expanded her interest in modern dance and has learned from many different choreographers. She now has creative control over multiple dance pieces and she continues to push her boundaries past her own expectations.


Congratulatory Messages For Alisha Edwards

I am so proud of you and all that you have contributed to dance at Edison High School.
Congratulations Alisha!! So proud of you!!
Congratulations Alisha!! We are all so proud of you!!❤️
Congratulations Alisha. I'm so proud of you. Continue to prosper!!
Congrats, Alisha! You're having an amazing Senior year and this award is the icing on the cake! ~Ms. Vardaro

The Governor’s Awards in Arts Education began in 1980 to promote awareness and appreciation of the arts, recognizing the creativity, talent and leadership of the award winners. Each year, awards are presented to approximately 20 educators and 80 students. National and statewide organizations select the students for their exemplary work in creative writing, speech, dance, music, theatre and visual arts and the leaders for their exceptional commitment and contribution to arts education. The program also recognizes arts educators and arts education advocates, whose leadership has helped nurture the development of students in the arts across the state.

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