Jasmine Lewin, known as Jazzy by her friends and family, is currently a senior at Chatham High School and will be attending the University of Rochester in the fall. She loves art—of course—and can often be found drawing or fangirling over the latest Marvel shows or movies. A cartoon lover at heart, Jasmine enjoys relaxing to shows like She-Ra as well as listening to her current favorite artists: Role Model, Girl in Red, and Clairo. On the weekends she loves taking small, exciting excursions with friends or family to distant towns, nature trails, extravagant open houses, or just taking a quick trip to Gong Cha for boba.


She enjoys creating art that is embedded with symbolism and deeper meanings, often commenting on mental illness and the stigma surrounding it in her artwork. Her pieces focus a lot on displaying the emotions we feel as humans, painful or joyous, in an aesthetically pleasing way. Inspiration for her artwork often comes from her sister and closest friends as they all help push her to think beyond just the brush strokes or pencil lines and look towards the true meaning of a piece. Communicating themes and expressing herself is a very important part of Jasmine’s art and she has always loved to express herself whether, through her art, Chinese culture, or just whatever passionate ideas or comments are flooding her mind at the time.


Throughout her artistic career, she has won many awards including two silver keys from the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition, and she has also created Chatham High School 2022 senior year mural collaborating with one other artist. In college, she is looking to study applied mathematics and chemistry all while keeping in touch with her artistic side.


The Governor’s Awards in Arts Education began in 1980 to promote awareness and appreciation of the arts, recognizing the creativity, talent and leadership of the award winners. Each year, awards are presented to approximately 20 educators and 80 students. National and statewide organizations select the students for their exemplary work in creative writing, speech, dance, music, theatre and visual arts and the leaders for their exceptional commitment and contribution to arts education. The program also recognizes arts educators and arts education advocates, whose leadership has helped nurture the development of students in the arts across the state.

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The Governor’s Awards event is a partnership of the Arts Ed NJ, the Department of Education, Art Pride New Jersey Foundation, the Department of State and the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. Additional support is provided by: the Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics; Art Educators of New Jersey; Art Administrators of New Jersey; Dance New Jersey; New Jersey Council of Teachers of English; New Jersey Speech and Debate League; New Jersey Music Educators Association; New Jersey Performing Arts Center; Writer's Theatre of New Jersey; Speech and Theatre Association of New Jersey; New Jersey Thespians and Young Audiences of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. The cooperating organizations, award sponsors and individual members of the planning council dedicate their time to make sure that excellence in the arts is rewarded, and work tirelessly throughout the year to plan this special event. The Governor's Awards in Arts Education ceremony are a major collaborative effort of the arts, education and state government.